Positive running story – Ardyth Sohn

Our positive running story this time is about 71 year old Boulder runner, Ardyth Sohn. Ardyth recently attended one of our women’s running camps, and made huge strides during her short time with us at camp. She eagerly jumped into every activity and workshop that we presented, and left camp a very different person from the one that arrived. It was especially inspiring to see how Ardyth chose not to let age define the runner she is. We asked Ardyth to share a little about her experience before, during, and now after, camp. (Ardyth is pictured third from teh right in the picture above.) Here is Ardyth’s story:

For about 3 years I’ve trained with Colorado based Revolution Running, and last summer Coaches Jill Ferguson Sellers and Todd Straka helped me transition to the track. I ended the season with an age group bronze medal in the 400m at the Huntsman World Senior Games. However, I also developed a chronic IT band issue.

Ardyth is third from the right in this picture at camp

I couldn’t get beyond 6 miles before it would hit, and I’d have to take time off. By May 2018 I was in a real funk so when Rev Run sent a message there was ONE spot left at Terry’s women’s trail running camp I impulsively enrolled. Almost immediately I regretted it—-I’m 71, the slowest in my pace group, and I was in the worst shape of my life! I decided to DO something about my IT band and headed to the CU Sports Med Center where I was sure the doc would tell me to cancel camp. Instead, she told me it was a great idea—although I needed PT, have arthritis in my knees and had gained 15 pounds!

While I faced competition in my career after becoming the first female journalism assistant professor at CU, I didn’t compete in sports until I retired and had the time to exercise something besides my brain. However, I knew a little about running because I watched a lot of cross country and track meets when my daughter ran at ASU with Des Linden and Amy Cragg. Now we talk about athletics because she works in sports and performance psychology. I confess my biggest fear about camp was that I wouldn’t fit in—-and while it’s true I was old enough to be the mother or grandmother of all the other campers, what an inspiration these young women were. Each had a story and a journey that lead to running. By the end of camp we were hitting the trails twice a day (just amazing for me in my condition) AND video of our running form identified how we could quickly improve in this sport.

Ardyth at speed for form video

Terry’s camp emphasizes positive psychology, healthy eating, having fun and practicing skills that can make a difference—-I eagerly drank the kool aid. I can now run 5 days with no pain – I’m sure the PT has helped, but I also know by making other changes introduced at the camp I’m not inviting my injury to return.

By mid July I have to either commit or decline to run the 400m at the 2018 World Masters Athletics Outdoor Championships in Malaga, Spain. My decision will be based on how fast I am running, how healthy I feel and whether I think I can be competitive there. However, I wouldn’t even have the chance to make this decision without Terry’s camp and the generous support of all the others who are part of my sports community. Whether it’s racing the oval in Spain or exploring a new mountain trail—I am in this for life!

We wish Ardyth every success with her running, and hope that includes the World Masters Championships in Malaga! Had a ton of fun running with you at camp, and hope to see you again soon!

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