Seven days for free!

The initial download of the activacuity[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-registered”] app contains access to seven daily sessions that are free to use, even multiple times! Download from the app store and register for free!


Monthly subscription - $10 per month
unlimited access to all activacuity components for one month with recurring billing - cancel anytime
Subscribe monthly $10
Annual subscription - $60 one time payment
unlimited access to all activacuity components for 12 months with recurring billing - cancel anytime
Subscribe annually $60

Unlock your pathway to a positive athletic experience

To obtain access to the library of hours of further daily sessions available, you have subscription options that start from as little as $5 per month (annual subscription rate). Subscribe through the website and save 15% off the annual rates available on your iPhone!

Giving back

To help us fulfill our mission of every athlete and student having a positive vision for themselves and others, for every annual activacuity[vector_icon icon=”fas fa-registered”] subscription purchased, we will donate one subscription to a high school athlete or student. See more details on our giving back policy here.

Refund Policy

We do not provide any refunds, returns, or exchanges once a subscription has been confirmed.  You will be asked to “click to accept” this policy during the transaction process to acknowledge acceptance of our policy.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this policy.