Each segment is centered on a specific aspect that sports psychologists and our own research and experience has shown to be the most critical areas of mental preparation for athletes.


Each segment splits into programs that are concentrated elements of each segment – each segment contains a maximum of 10 programs, with the focus segment being the largest, and most important.


Each program then splits into individual daily sessions. Each program has up to 5 sessions, with the focus programs again being the largest, and most important. Each session is between 10 & 15 minutes in length, and starts with an introduction and meditation.

Segment and Program Progression

We recommend that you progress through the segments and programs in the order they appear in the app. If you have an important race or event coming up soon, then progress as far through the focus segment as possible, and then
switch to the competition segment.

We will be adding further segments and programs as the app is updated.


Once logged into the app, general navigation uses the menu icon in the top left corner. Tapping the menu icon opens a “sliding drawer” that contains the main functions for the app.
The sliding drawer contains the following options:


My mind = the segment / program / session library access – note this option, and the library of sessions it contains, is only available to paid subscribers



My progress = a motivational screen that shows you your progress through the segments and programs in activacuity



My guide = contains information on frequently asked questions, as well as how to change your preferences, and questions on subscription



Preferences – you can set the following parameters here:

  • Media access – either, ask me – stream – download
  • Video resolution – Low (480) – Med (720) – High (1080)
  • Play app welcome video at next startup
  • Enable introductory videos

Introductory Series – this enables you to access the initial free seven sessions that make up the introductory series.


Moving through the screens – you can move backwards through the screens in the My Mind section of activacuity by using the back button in the top left corner of the screen.

Technical details

activacuity is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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