introductory series from activacuity

The introductory series from activacuity covers seven days, with a separate session each day. The seven sessions cover the following subjects:

  • focus
  • confidence
  • positive imagery
  • commitment
  • creating intentions
  • competition
  • creating a playful mind

When to listen – You can listen to these audio sessions at any time you wish. However, we recommend at the beginning of your day if possible. Pick a quiet time and location where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Make sure you can sit or lay comfortably so that you can achieve a relaxed state.

Functionality – The screenshot above shows the introductory series screen – tap on the day you wish to select – this opens up the session screen. Tap on the session number button, then choose whether you wish to download now or stream now. Once you have made your selection the session will start. Each session for these 7 days is between 10 and 12 minutes in length.
You are able to pause and re-start the audio session using the controls at the base of the screen. You can also scroll forward and backward in the audio file using the slider – a buffer bar shows progress on downloading the file you have selected.

Subscribe – After you have completed these introductory sessions, you can gain access to the extensive library of further audio files by subscribing to the paid version of this app. You can subscribe within the app itself, following a simple subscription process. See more details on subscription options here.

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