This is the app you have been waiting for, tools to transform your mind into a hotbed of positive possibilities
activacuity helps undo self-destructive thinking patterns that hold you back from realizing your full potential.
Build positive mental habits that empower your success, and also be better prepared to handle athletic challenges.
A single thought can change this moment - commit to training your mind using activacuity, and achieve
consistent positive thinking that has the power to change your training, your racing, and your life

Download the app, set up a user account, and enjoy 14 days unlimited free access to our library of guided imagery sessions - then subscribe to maintain unlimited access and a multivitamin for your mind

Race mindset

Sessions for athletes that cover competition, focus and distractions, maintain high motivation, realistic expectations, how to focus on joy, and how to unleash your awesome!

How we give back

For each annual subscription purchased we give a year's access to activacuity to a high school student for free.

Gratitude paid forward to the next generation of positive athletes.

It's so easy to get started with activacuity - just follow these steps to access your daily dose of positivity

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Something magical happens when you take responsibility for your thoughts. Decide now to take the first step to empowering your positive athletic mind, and start your journey to become the athlete you have always dreamed you could be.
activacuity, a positive training program for your athletic mind