activacuity is endorsed by three top US elite athletes – we have intentionally selected those athletes that not only are recognized for their incredible performances, they are also known for their ability to focus, their use of positive guided imagery and mindfulness, and their ability to respond positively to athletic and personal challenges.

melody fairchild activacuity

Melody Fairchild

Melody has been described as a “running phenomenon.” Now a Masters athlete, Melody burst onto the scene as a Boulder-based high school athlete, winning the BolderBoulder citizens race three times, and becoming the first female high school athlete in the US to run under 10 minutes for 2 miles. She has also been described as the greatest high school distance runner in US history, a description that others have come close to breaking without surpassing Melody’s achievements. Her fastest time for the 1990 National XC title still stands, 27 years after she set the mark. Read more

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