98% of athletes said that their mental state has had a negative effect on their running at some point

92% of athletes say they have experienced negative self-talk when running, thinking about themselves in a negative, unrealistic or self-defeating way

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I thought I had discovered the secret to success - because I had. By identifying a thought that was holding me back and replacing it with a new one to help move me forward, I undid years of self-destructive thinking patterns that had left me unhappy and injury prone. And I built better mental habits that not only propelled my success, but also prepared me to handle setbacks and challenges.

Deena Kastor, Olympic medalist & American record holder in the marathon, Let Your Mind Run, p.3.

Mindset support for coaches
The activacuity® app and our mindset programs delivers a unique training tool and content that provides a positive support partnership for coaches, and your athletes. Our app empowers you as a coach to treat sports psychology like every other training element, and apply it to all your athletes. You know that consistency yields results – what your athletes practice regularly shows up when they are under pressure, both in training, and in competition. activacuity® is a unique app that provides a positive sports psychology support system for all your athletes, enabling them to truly get their best from all the hard training they experience.

The sessions contained within the activacuity® app can be available to athletes either at team sessions, or can provide personal support for individual athletes at any time to suit their schedule.  The activacuity® app provides daily audio sessions of 10-15 minutes in duration, using positive guided imagery, with content based on proven techniques. Guided imagery has been widely used with great effect by elite athletes for decades, traditionally delivered by sports psychologists in a clinical setting. activacuity® contains the same science based tools and techniques that sports psychologists deliver, making them accessible for athletes of all abilities whenever fits their schedule, and in a form that is user friendly. You can read about the science behind the guided imagery contained in activacuity® here.

Access to the extensive library of sessions that cover focus, confidence, positive imagery, commitment, creating intentions, and competition, is only available through subscription. There are monthly or yearly subscription options, and you can choose to select individual athletes or make access to activacuity® possible for an entire team or group. We recommend athletes spend at least 10-15 minutes per day focused on training their mind. activacuity® is the perfect solution to enable athletes and teams to achieve this objective in a way that is convenient, is not intrusive, is flexible based on resources and schedule, and is also user friendly.

Mindset support for individuals
The activacuity® app and our mindset programs deliver powerful science based content that empowers a mindset shift that is focused on the many positives about you, and that you can access 24/7, whenever you need it. We can also create personalized one to one sessions with one of our positive running coaches – use the request details now for individual athletes button below to initiate setting up a one to one session for you. We normally respond within 1 business day to your request.

Following are links to request further details on how activacuity® can benefit your athletes, team or group, or as an individual athlete. We look forward to working with you to empower positive thinking that leads to success.

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  • We were looking for an avenue to bring the methods and techniques that sports psychologists use to our athletes, instead of the other way around. The activacuity app does that for our athletes.  Through their personal iOS mobile device, something they are already comfortable with, they can access the daily sessions at their convenience and when their daily schedule permits. Bottom line is it helps our athletes manage daily stresses and win.

    Steve Taylor
    Head Coach, University of Richmond
  • This app is the future in delivering mental training and guided imagery techniques conveniently to your fingertips and when it best fits your schedule. Along with training your body through physical workouts, we also believe it’s important to train your mind.  Regardless of whether you are training for participation purposes or elite level competition, activacuity will help you become an even better you.

    Jon Molz
    Jon Molz
    Collegiate Running Association Co-Founder