We call the individual daily recordings that make up activacuity™ ‘sessions.’ Each session is between 10 and 15 minutes in length, and works best when you are as relaxed as possible. Every session includes a breath meditation, a form of meditation that is especially useful for us as athletes, as breathing is essential to us being able to move. Breathing is also a factor that we tend to take very much for granted, so it is also a reminder of how much we have to be thankful for. Focusing on breathing also helps us to relax, and prepares the mind for being open to new experience opportunities, and learning.

img_2239Functionality – to access any session, tap on the session tab, and a window will open offering the choice to download and save the session for future use (for example if you know you will be out of range of mobile service and wish to listen to the audio file later), or to stream and play now without saving.

Select either Download now, or Stream now, and the audio file for the session will start to play.

You can pause or play the session using the controls at the bottom left of the window.

A slider allows you to scroll forwards or backwards through the session.

A buffer bar shows progress on downloading.




The following gallery shows a selection of screenshots displaying several of the session options in each segment – note that the program name is shown in the header bar.

img_2240    img_2241    img_2242

img_2243    img_2244    img_2245