Each session in the activacuity library is centered on positive language, positive images, and positive emotions.

You may wonder, why use only positive words, pictures, and feelings? Well, we are constantly bombarded by negative language, images, and emotions. Most of the media is bursting with negativity. It has become part of our nature to focus on bad news; psychologists know this as ‘negativity bias.’ The same neuro-hormonal system that helped our ancestors survive, still kicks into action when we feel threatened in any way.

Negative interactions and experiences can often leave deeper and stronger impressions than positive ones, because the reactions are more intense. We develop a selective memory of ourselves, and other people too, looking for self-fulfilling prophecies that often blind us to the reality of the positive qualities in ourselves, and others too. Thinking about ourselves and others negatively can become a chronic pattern of behavior – so much so that we aren’t even aware that we are doing it. As athletes, our performances, and the challenges we set ourselves, are based on our dreams, goals, and are linked to our confidence.  We limit what we think we can achieve based on the way we think.

With a positive attitude and positive focus, we can achieve almost anything.  Finding the positives in ourselves, and others, can make a real difference to our world, and enable us to have better relationships, see opportunities where our blinkers didn’t allow us to see any, and allow us to connect fully with nature and this amazing planet that we call home.

One of the scholars who had the most influence on me while studying was Terry Orlick. Terry is a sports psychologist that has gained world-wide renown and following, and has many published articles to his name. He also has developed “Positive Living Skills,” on how to add quality and joyfulness to every day, and every life.  In his excellent book, Embracing Your Potential, Terry talks about the importance of learning to develop and live by a positive attitude and focus. “Positive perspectives open possibilities, create positive energy, and give us greater control over our lives. Negative perspectives impose barriers, drain energy, and take the joy from our pursuits. Only by staying tuned to positive channels can we free ourselves to embrace our potential” (p. 45)

activacuity has been designed to encourage and facilitate users to develop a positive attitude and focus, both in athletic endeavors, as well as life in general. Regular use of the audio sessions promotes a positive perspective, and positive thought patterns. We invite you to use this powerful and valuable resource, and to discover your true potential.

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Something magical happens when you take responsibility for your thoughts. Decide now to take the first step to empowering your positive athletic mind, and start your journey to become the athlete you have always wanted to be.
activacuity, the positive training program for your athletic mind