Positive running story – Kim Hartzell

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text margin_bottom=”10″]Our positive running story this time is about Boulder based runner Kim Hartzell. Kim is another member of Revolution Running, and has set herself, and achieved, new challenges with the coaching from the Revolution Running coaches, as well as the social support of her friends at the top rated training club. Kim kindly allowed us to interview her recently, and here is the result:

14690900_10211269911727785_1543889519238713575_nCould you tell us a little about your background as a runner?
I started running in my mid-40’s when my metabolism started to slow down and I started gaining weight quickly. I was very sedentary all my life. Never ran before then, nor walk for that matter. I could barely walk a block before I was out of breath.

Your culture has played an important part in the challenges you have faced as a runner, can you share how you overcame these?
Back in my day, girls in my country were not encouraged to play sports. (Kim was born in Korea.) I have no memory of playing any sport that involved a ball.  Later in High school, in a very different country,  I had to participate in group sports like basketball and volleyball during Gym class. I was terrible at it. I had no coordination and could never hit or catch a ball. So of course no one wanted me in their teams. I was always the last one to be picked in group sports. So I hated Gym and never wanted to do anything that involved physical activity.  After living many years in Boulder, I first signed up for the BolderBoulder with my daughter when she was in Elementary school. We jogged/walked the whole course. A few years later, my sister found out about a training group with the BolderBoulder. She suggested that we join so we can learn  to run properly. I wasn’t too keen on it. Well, I was rather intimidated with the whole idea but she insisted. I remember the first meeting clearly because I was so scared. It was at Tom Watson park in North Boulder. I panicked when our coach suggested that we run around Coot lake just to warm up. Somehow I managed to keep up with the group and survive that first session. My first coach was a very fit 60+ year old woman. She was also very patient and very encouraging of us  beginners.  The hardest part of the whole training was just showing up each time. Once you got  there, between the encouragement from the coaches and the camaraderie from your team mates, you could get thru each session.  I ran my first half marathon the following year. It was an amazing feeling as I never thought I could run such a long distance. Then the coaches and my team mates encouraged me to train for a full marathon. My sister and I ran our first marathon in Chicago 3 years ago. Since then I went to complete 6 marathons including the Boston marathon.

14632968_10211045909212942_1959095601077206678_nWhat difference has running made to your life, and why is it important to you now?
Running has become an integral part of my daily life. It keeps me healthy/fit, keep my mind clear & calm, and the best of all is all the great friends I have gained thru the running group. Until I started running, I didn’t know how many beautiful trails we are surrounded by in Boulder & all over Colorado.  As I get to spend more time outdoors, I feel more connected to nature and feel more appreciation of the beautiful surroundings.

You like to race – what is it you enjoy about racing, and what have been your three highlight races for you?
It’s a good way to keep challenging myself and to motivate myself to work harder as I train for these races. My 3 highlight races are: 1- My first half marathon, Boulder Backroads, because  I never thought I could do something like this. 2- My first Chicago marathon, again because it was something I never dreamed I could do. 3 – Revel Rockies Marathon where I BQ’ed. This was beyond my dreams.


13599821_10210130234321642_3516290846727197807_nYou have recently started trail running. What is it that you like most about getting out on the trails, and what has been your favorite trail run so far?
Now that I am more fit, I don’t get as tired as I used to and actually am able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and feel connected to nature. I love the feeling I get when I am on top of a mountain: I feel like such a small speck in this vast universe that none of my worries seems that big. I have many favorite trail runs but the Aspen golden leaf and the Imogene Pass are two of the most beautiful runs I’ve done.

The social aspect of their running club or training group has been noted by many runners, including some of the previous interviewees. What attracted you to Revolution Running, and do you think you could have done what you have without the support of the group?
The social aspect of my running group has been amazing and definitely could not have achieved any of my milestones without them.  I didn’t know what I was getting into when I joined Revolution Running. I was lucky to have gotten into a group that has an amazing group of coaches and runners.

What does the future have in store for you, and what are your running goals for the next 12 months.
There are older women in our running group who inspire me every time I see them. My hope is that I will be as fit and active as they are as I grow older. I’m hoping to spend more time in the trails next year, so no major road races next year.

What would you say to someone that is thinking of joining a running club like Revolution Running, but wonder if it’s for them?
I absolutely encourage anyone who may be thinking about to join a running club to do it. It will enrich their lives beyond their expectations.

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From Estes Park, Colorado, USA, the home of the POSITIVE RUNNING MOVEMENT™.

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