Discover the special offers for member athletes that are available as a result of the partnership between the RacePerk and activacuity


The founders of RacePerk recognized that activacuity delivers an exciting and powerful positive mental training program to athletes of all abilities. The activacuity App provides daily audio sessions of 10-15 minutes in duration, using positive guided imagery. Guided imagery has been used with great effect by elite athletes for decades, traditionally delivered by sports psychologists in a clinical setting. activacuity contains the same science based tools and techniques that sports psychologists deliver, making them accessible for athletes of all abilities in a form that is user friendly. You can read about the science behind the guided imagery and positive psychology contained in activacuity here.

RacePerk co-founder, Simon Blackburn, says: “We’re super-excited to be partnering with activacuity. Terry and his team have developed an exceptional mindset tool that will help any sportsperson get the most out of their daily training. To have the opportunity to trial activactuity for 60 days is something anyone serious about their performance should grab with both hands!!”

See below the details of the discounted subscription offers open only to RacePerk members. Note that individual athletes can subscribe directly from the subscription buttons below. If you are a coach and are interested in how activacuity can help your athletes, please contact us.

Individual Subscription Options

This is the app you have been waiting for, tools to transform your mind into a hotbed of positive possibilities
activacuity helps undo self-destructive thinking patterns that hold you back from realizing your full potential.
Build positive mental habits that empower your success, and also be better prepared to handle athletic challenges.
A single thought can change this moment - commit to training your mind using activacuity, and achieve
consistent positive thinking that has the power to change your training, your racing, and your life.