This 21 day program is designed to support a positive mindset shift that will set you up for an amazing race at the 2019 Yosemite Half Marathon!

Are you nervous about race day? Do you worry about how your race will go in Yosemite? Are you concerned about running at altitude? Is this your first half marathon and you’re beginning to wonder if you can do this?

This 21 day program contains daily mindset activities (one a day for 21 days) that have been carefully designed to instill a positive mindset and set you up for a great race at the 2019 Yosemite Half Marathon! You receive a daily e-mail that contains a positive mindset activity. Each activity is accompanied by a short video from Terry Chiplin, Positive Running Coach, and visionary behind Active at Altitude (Offical Training Partner for Vacation Races), activacuity® and the Positive Running Movement®. Each video contains key tools and guidelines to help you complete the activity. (Image above courtesy of Lucid images!)

When does the program start and finish? The program starts on April 18, 2019 – you will receive an introductory e-mail and video on April 17. The program finishes on Wednesday May 8, to give you time to travel and get race ready in Yosemite for May 11!

Can I register for the program after April 18? Absolutely! You will receive catch up e-mails for any days that you missed before you registered.

Why a positive mindset? Research has shown that pessimism is the top ranked runners’ mental roadblock. Negativity, whether it’s worry or doubt, often leads to self-defeating behaviors including slowing down, cutting a workout short, or dropping out of a race. Our positive race mindset program delivers consistent positive mental training that switches your responses from negative to positive. We can also learn from elite athletes that have used a positive mindset to record breaking effect. In her excellent book, Let Your Mind Run, national marathon record holder Deena Kastor explains how shaping her mind with the power of positive psychology, using gratitude, love, and affirming thoughts can give anyone a competitive edge.

What runners are saying about our programs:  I was skeptical in the beginning, because I’m not much of a mindful runner.  I’m more of a “just get out of the door and run” kind of gal.   I’ve got to tell you–my running has improved since I started these videos.  There is monster hill near my home, and I conquered it for the first time on Wednesday using some of the techniques recommended in the videos.” Karen, from Denver, CO. 

I am loving this program so far! Thanks for putting this together!” Kira, from Elizabeth, CO. 

I want to tell you that on a whim – having been a runner and then not as life happened when we adopted two teens in the past 2 years – I signed up for the 21 day program. The first few days I struggled to understand the roll out of topics. Now, I’m hooked! Such relevant and timely topics for where I am in my human journey as a new mom in my 50’s and missing my private time on a trail or down the road or up the monster hill just to refresh and feel wholly alive. Thank you and keep up the inspiring work. Last week was week 1 in the gym to begin to build my base again. I am amazing and why can’t I find the time to incorporate my runs in this new life. Cheers!” Anna, from Washington

Good morning Terry. Great session #12 this morning – follow your dreams. Perfect start to today’s long run on a snowy winter morn here in northern IL.” Andy, from Illinois.

Terry’s running mindfulness program cause a complete mindset shift that allowed me to complete a half marathon after coming back from a period of not running due to injury. The whole way I thought about the sessions and I actually enjoyed the run and felt good about myself as a runner. It inspired me so much that I decided to sign up for a full marathon. Thanks for the great program!” Lillianne, from Little Rock.

This project is designed to help you change your relationship with yourself as a runner! Whether Yosemite is your first or half marathon, or you’ve run several before, by the end of these 21 days you will be set for an amazing race experience in Yosemite.

Here’s a summary of what you will receive over the 21 days:

  • how to understand and unleash the power of your imagination and how to use it in a positive directed way
  • learn how to respect and run at higher elevations
  • find new confidence in your own abilities
  • make bold and decisive decisions that causes ripples through your life
  • learn how to be more playful and creative with your running
  • discover where you can start to love yourself and the profound impact this will have on your running
  • learn how to create clear intentions and then act upon them
  • change the words you use to describe yourself and notice how this changes your goals and actions
  • discover how to increase your commitment level incrementally and the effect this has on your running
  • set clear and achievable goals for your race
  • how to amplify what you are passionate about and to minimize what you see as negative about yourself
  • create a race strategy
  • all this and more, for $15, or $0.71 each day to invest to enjoy an inspiring 2019 Yosemite half marathon
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