Visualize your best race performances

As athletes, we spend a ton of time training physically. It feels great, well most of the time, and we feel bad when we’re not training! We follow training programs to the letter, getting concerned if we have missed one session or workout, and wonder if this will impact our performance come race day. Ever heard of taper tantrums? When the training volume decreases and suddenly we have more time to think? What do you visualize when you’re thinking of failure, hard times, I haven’t trained enough?

You likely are careful about what you eat, check out features on the best running foods, maybe read up on what the top elite athletes are doing nutritionally. Perhaps you plan meals ahead, make smoothies that you can chug as soon as possible post run. You make sure your body is nourished, and that it has the energy to meet your training needs.

Recovery and sleep are going to be high on your priority list. You have read up on how vital your recovery is to enable your body to progress, becoming stronger, faster, with more endurance. Sleep is when your body rebuilds, and you will organize your life to make sure you recognize this vital component that could make that crucial difference come race day.

You study the running press to see if you can be a little more comfortable, and maybe even cut a few seconds off each mile, by making sure you have the best shoes available. You might have to make a special journey to a specialty running store that carries the makes of shoes you want to check out, or perhaps scour the Internet to find the best deal on your chosen shoes.

You already know how to invest time and energy to realize the rewards that you seek. Why not spend a few minutes every day to invest in your athletic future, and visualize your athletic successes? It need only take a few minutes, yet investing that time on a regular basis can have an impact far greater than any other small investment you can make for yourself. Nothing else you ever do as an athlete will make such a profound difference in your focus, confidence, & performance, as working with your thoughts and beliefs. If you can visualize it, you can do it. activacuity™ is the answer as your go to resource for positive guided imagery to empower your visualization training, and empower your athletic successes.

(The image above is of Melissa, from Estes Park, CO, closing in on the finish of the Zion Half Marathon in 2015. Melissa used visualization to prepare for her race, and set a new PR, and definitely reached her happy place!)